3 Reasons Why Network Marketing Isn’t Working For Most People

There are 3 reasons why mlm success is so hard to obtain. There are money, duplication and retention. Many internet network marketers fail because they really don’t understand how multi-level marketing compensation plans work.

1) Money-You need to have some money to make money in a mlm home business. The reason is that you have to sustain the costs of running the business while you find prospects to join you. The overhead costs mount up monthly and you have to be prepared for that situation. It’s the nature of a mlm business. Auto-ship expenses become auto debt. You must budget your money and have a realistic time table of how much you will have to spend before you are into profit.

2) Duplication- The attractiveness of the hype of an mlm that you only have to get 3 who get 3 who get 3 and so on is realistic to a person who already has a 5000 member team but to a person who has no team at all, it’s just hype. Research shows that only (.16) people are sponsored per month by network marketers who are untrained. The dream of duplication vanishes with this hard MLM truth. If you get trained and mentored you can actually make $5oo to $1000 per month quite easily. The whopping 97% of the people who failed at mlm network marketing have little or know training at all so there is really nothing to duplicate but failure.

3) Retention- Most mlms are like the “NFL” not for long. The average untrained network marketer has a network marketing life of 93 days. That’s a little over 3 months. The mlm company owners know this fact from the get-go but those who look to make $5000 weekly with no marketing skills the first month in the business will drop out and jump to something else following the “hype” of each new guaranteed mlm deal. The mental pressure of losing money and not knowing where to turn soon causes the network marketer to quit.

I only know of one solution for mlm success and that is to be mentor and trained personally by professional mlm network marketer trainers who use researched based training materials. It’s that or spend your internet network marketing life as an mlm junkie or drop- out. Get more info here:FREE Internet Wealth Report

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