4 Steps To Excellent Customer Support

When you are looking for a way to really shine and to make sure that you get a great reputation in your industry to boot, you’ll find that your customer service is something that can kick you up above the rest! When you are thinking about ways to improve, think about how you treat your customers and how they react to you. While small businesses typically do a lot better than large businesses because the interaction is a great deal more personal, take a look below for some great ways to keep your customers coming back for more.

1. Keep notes!

As a small business you have the advantage of personal contact with your customers, use this advantage to its fullest extent by making personal notes about each of your customers, such as if they have children, are they members of large families, you can write as many notes as you want, but of course do not pry too much into anyone’s personal business. The more you know about your customer the more they will be comfortable with you. We all want to do business with people we like.

2. Do better than they expect

In the event you get e-mails querying various different products and what’s best for the customer in any given situation, you should not just reply with ‘product X’. While this can be considered standard customer service, it fails to go beyond the norm. Instead reply by explaining why product X would work best for the customer in his or her situation and provide them with additional options so that they know you have them covered. This way you exceed expectations and they will be grateful that you have their best interests at heart.

3. Be prompt

Doing so shows respect. No matter what your obligations are, show up on time and get things taken care of. This way you show respect for other people’s time, and by valuing time they will see that you will not waste it. This way you make the right impression which better enables you to do more business with them in the future, plus by taking care of them they will recommend you to others.

4. Be generous

While of course you shouldn’t be so generous that you are going under, think about how much things really cost you. If someone has a question, or if they only need a very small problem taken care of, think about what you really want to charge them for it. If you can give something away, do so, and you’ll soon see that there is a great deal of return in very simply being nice! Once again, no big business can compete with you in this fashion.

Did you know? FACT: 68% of people will quit doing business with companies that have poor customer service. Find out how to give great customer service – get effective customer service tips at http://hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Give-Great-Customer-Service

– Kale McClelland

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