MLM Network Marketing Business-Are You Using A Sharp or Dull Axe In Your MLM Business?

Imagine walking up to a man trying to chop down a tree in the forest. He’s struggling with all his might and yet he’s barely made any progress.You look at him and you see that he is chopping at the tree with passion and focus and he’s been at it for quite some time and he’s intent on cutting the tree to down.

He has a single focus and is using all the proper leverage and perfect technique, but as you get close you see there is one thing out of place.

He’s using a dull blade.

You say to the man . . .

“Hey buddy why don’t you just sharpen your blade, you’ll get the job done twice as fast?”

He replies . . .

“No time, can’t you see I’m trying to chop down this tree?”

Well, when I first started network marketing I was this guy out in the prospecting forest trying to chop down my tree of successfully building a downline.

I hacked at it. I tried all the techniques I was told were proper and I was intent on using them with all my might until my goal was reached.

Unfortunately, the guy in our example above had one advantage over me.

He had someone actually come up to him and point out his problem.

The sad truth is . . .

If someone had done this for me I probably would have given them the same response that our man with the axe above gave.

I would have said . . .

“Can’t you see I’m trying to make cold calls and build a downline? I don’t have time for that!”

While in the act and exerting all our energy to a task we give very little time to reflect on what may truly help us be more successful. We think that if we just keep hacking away that sooner or later we will be successful in achieving our goal.

While this may hold true . . .

Wouldn’t a sharper blade make that struggle a whole lot easier?

I hear a question brewing . . .

“James, you say a blade, but what does this equate to in network marketing?”


All I’ll say is this . . .

You can’t consistently recruit 10 – 20 people in a month with personal contact or with the phone, but when you learn to leverage the mighty power of the internet using “funded proposals” to your advantage you end up with a mighty sharp MLM/network marketing blade that can!

Here’s a super sharp axe I personally use to build my MLM with.Click Here For Your FREE ebook “How To Get Rich In Any MLM Program” and get network marketing smart.

James B Byrd
The Network Marketing Smarts Guy
Click Here For Your FREE ebook “How To Get Rich In Any MLM Program” and get network marketing smart.

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