Bean-Selling Rico and The Spider Web Marketing System

James Byrd here with a great story for you. This is not the story of how Rico, who sold beans at a roadside stand in Barstow, CA, rode to riches. But it is a good perspective at what Spider Web Marketing will do for you that no one else will.

Besides being the easiest, most effective, and most efficient way to build your business, Spider Web Marketing provides you with something that no other system does. Instant Results. As an internet and network marketer, I’ve seen many different programs out there. If you get involved in the home business network and begin looking around the Internet for ways to develop your business, there’s a good chance you’ll be bombarded with a hundred different loud, multi-colored websites that scream at you that, “This system will make you a millionaire!” They are all the same. They will bash on whatever you are doing and tell you that you are doing it wrong. That’s where they pose the problem. Then, they suggest the idea of some magical solution “That I will now reveal to a select group of ferocious entrepreneurs!” Then, they give you anywhere from 6 to 43 jaw-dropping testimonials of so-and-so who used to sell beans at a roadside stand in Barstow, CA but now drives a Lamborghini, lives in a mansion in Laguna Beach, and has a trophy wife from an exotic country. Its all the same.

Then comes the punchline: “This can all be yours too!” “How!?” you exclaim, burning up the scroll button on the mouse to find out. “All you have to do is Buy my book!” Or, “Subscribe to my newsletter!” Or, “Buy my videos!” Or, well, you get the idea. No one offers instant success. Nobody does anything for you. They’ll send you a complicated manual for a complicated system and send you on your way. Yeah, you’ll get an email every day to remind you of yet another rags to riches story that is not about you, but that’s about the extent of it. Maybe you’ll pound your head against a wall for a while and go back to your day job, or maybe you’ll get lucky. It’s a toss up. And there you are.
Okay, so while the story of our bean-selling friend may be a little extreme, a lot of us can identify with him. We’re maybe doing something below our potential and making less money than we’d like, and would love an opportunity to reverse those aspects of our lives. And that’s where we end up hoping we can ride the gravy train with some Internet “guru” will put us chilling in the pool behind our 10,000 sq. ft. Mediterranean on the hill overlooking I-5 in Orange County.

I joined The Spider Web Marketing System because I was excited to be able to generate 12+ streams of passive residual income, I wanted to learn exactly what it takes to leverage the power of the internet to grow my business, I was excited to get the the <a Revolutionary Lead Generation System , I wanted to gain access to the 22+ step-by-step tutorial videos, I was sick of all the hype filled e-books and training courses. Since joining, I feel confident that I will be successful because I am excited to gain solid leads, It has been wonderful so far, It is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense.
The unique thing about The Spider Web Marketing System is that it does something for you. No one will ever try to sell you a book, a course, or a set of videos. (Actually, the video set is free.) The Spider Web Marketing System is designed to do the work for you, as soon as you become involved, and you make money as soon as you become involved. Instant results, with no more than five minutes a day, is a package that no one else can match. Spider Web Marketing is the most efficient and effective way to build your network business and put money in your pocket right away.

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