Blogging- What To Do When Your Blog Crashes Your Hosting Company’s Server…


I’ve been offline more then online because i have been having problems with my blog crashing my server providers servers. I really didn’t understand how easy it was for someone to hack your blog and with just a few clicks of the keyboard shut down your hosting server and hosting account. Below is what i went through to get back online.

The Problems…

The first thing that i notice was that after i set my blog up to receive subscribers i started to get a lot of spam through my side bar capture form that started to fill up my autoresponder with spam email addresses and spam subscribers. This went on for a couple of days and i just couldn’t get a handle on what was going on. Also my blogd functions were getting slower and slower.

In fact it had got so bad that my computer even started slowing   along with my email. i tried changing to different themes(lol) to no avail. Then i got a personal call from my hosting provider and he said that my blog had crashed his server. Along with this problem i was having problems with a new plugin and was working with the vendor to get that up and running.

The Solution…

My hosting provider suggested that i delete all the plugins that were not upgraded…. and i had tons of those! When i went into the back office of the blog, i had to deactivate the plugin before i could delete them but with the server problems caused by my blog being hacked into, the function to deactivate the plugins was taking way to long and my blog  was crashing the server again.

My next move was to contact Steve Swetman (LGT Marketing Owner) to ask him put my blog back online so i could try and use Filezilla FTP to go into the plugin file located in WP-Content. I log in to my hosting account and was able to start deleting plugins that i was not using but activated and those plugins that had not been upgraded.

Upon Steve’s suggestion i went into my back office and find the “Settings Tab”, hovered over it and clicked on General settings and unclicked the box that said “allow subscribers”. Next i changed all my passwords.

Back up and Blogging…

Well i am back online and blogging again thanks to the help that i received from Steve Swetman . Listen, network marketing is all about relationships. It is very rare to get an owner of a company personally help you resolve your problems. I don’t know who your hosting provider is now but if you need a company that is high touch and high tech, then CLICK HERE For FREE LGT marketing tools

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