Free Team Builder Review- A Scam Or The Real Deal?

Is Free Team Builder Just Another Hyped Up Lead System?

Looking out on the internet, you find anything your heart desires that gets you jumping to the next “free lead generation system that promises you tons of money in the headlines and disclaimers in the earning statement. Anything that starts off double minded can’t possibly be true. Is the Free Team Builder a scam or the real deal.

I joined this system to find out if what they said was true. Sure enough i got 100 bonus leads for signing up and i got 50 lead credits. These lead credits are used to send real time leads that the Free Team Builder generates from it’s lead sources. It is possible to build any business with the system as it is a community based system with real people who can tell you if the team building system is the real deal.

Registration For Free Team Builder Is Free

When you register for a FREE account we give you up to 100 leads, a combination of opt-in leads and visitors to your opportunity, live as they are generated, to help you get started building your business. Leads and traffic are the life blood of any business and with FTB they make them simple to get, just register and let the system go to work for you.

Training For Free Team Builder Affiliates

With a FTB University Membership upgrade you get access to a minimum of 24 hours of training each month from our industry experts in MLM, Affiliate sales, Online Marketing, Social Marketing and more! This kind of training would normally cost you THOUSANDS, in fact just one of our trainers charges in excess of $4000 for a weekend training session, normally.

You get access to this trainer and more just like him with your Free Team Builder University Membership. Pre-Built Lead Capture Pages! Marketing your business or opportunity online, isn’t easy for most people, web design, traffic generation, traffic analysis, software issues… the list goes on and on.Free Team Builder takes care of all the technical aspects of marketing.

With Free Team Builder your landing pages are all setup and ready to go, just post your links and watch the leads start to roll in… Or use the paid marketing campaigns for heavy lifting when you upgrade to a Pro Membership level. o Membership level.

The challenge for the Free Team Builder System is the price point as more people are added to the system. Will the $25 dollar price point work with all the additional over head? Even with increased costs, it may be worth learning how to market online without losing tons of money.

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