Getting Ahead With Customer Service

Being a small business owner can get more than a little bit intimidating at times. There are so many different things you have to be prepared to handle, or worse yet, handle without the benefit of preparation. One of these many aspects of running a small business effectively is customer service. How can you out compete your larger competitors in customer service? Thankfully, this is an area where the smaller business can truly excel. A smaller company is equipped to provide personalized customer service in a way a larger company could never hope to do. You’ll build a sterling reputation for customer service if you’ll just keep the following ideas in mind.

The first thing that you need to remember is that you, whether you consider yourself a manager, an owner or a CEO, will be a lot closer to the customer than the people in similar positions for larger companies. Because you are in a decision making capacity and because you hear directly from the customer, you can, and should address their needs. Let them know that, yes, you are in a position with agency, and that yes, you can take care of their needs.

If you notice that people are constantly requesting something that you do not provide, seriously think about providing it! One of the main advantages of being a small business is being so versatile and so flexible, and you can be sure that this is something that your customers will like and appreciate. Once you have this new service in order, shoot out an email that will let your customers, past and present know about it.

If you are interested in providing amazing customer service, it’s time to start taking serious notes. Whether you like doing this in a college-ruled notebook or you prefer doing it directly on your computer or even on a PDA, it’s time to figure out how to remember your customers, both as people and as customers. What do they like? What did they order in the past, and how well did you do when you last spoke with them? Personalized service is one of the best things that a small business can offer to its customers, and you’ll find that with a little bit of time spent recording information about them, you can give them service that is better and more complete than what they are used to.

When it comes right down to it, good customer service is a matter of paying attention. When you ask yourself what can you do for your customers that larger companies cannot, the answer will always return to customized service and personal care!

Did you know that 68% of people will quit doing business with companies that have poor customer service? Learn the keys to good customer service – get effective customer service tips at

– Kale McClelland

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