Giving Out Great Customer Service!

Have you ever being on the phone with a big company and find yourself going from one representative to the next without achieving anything. This of course can become very frustrating. However big businesses utilize this process to run their customer service in a more efficient manner; at least in a more cost efficient manner, however as a small business owner you do not have to put your customers through this, as a result you can provide them with a positive customer service experience. This in effect is to your advantage and when you take care of your customers they will keep coming back to do more business with you.

When you are looking into providing excellent customer service, the best thing that you can do, first and foremost, is to make sure that you keep your promises. If you give someone a deadline, stick with it, and remember that this is the best way to build a reputation for yourself. Even if you suspect that you can get a project done early, give them the regular lead time. If you get done early, it will be a bonus, and in either case, you will be able to keep your word regarding his work.

Remember that something else that you can give a customer that a larger company cannot is a high degree of face time, so to speak. When you speak with your client, you are speaking professionally, but you are also speaking to them as regular people. You will find that this is a great way to get repeat business, because they will be able to put a face or a voice to the name. Make sure that your customer can get in contact with you. Whether you use e-mail, phone or chat, make sure that you answer promptly and with a great deal of enthusiasm This will help make you come across as someone who wants their business.

When you make a mistake, admit it. Do not try and cover things up, instead get out in front of any issue that occurs. You must always have your customers best interests at heart, they may have deadlines, and you have to understand their priorities. So if there is any issue or mistake made on your end, you do not have to go into detail, but you must communicate and let them know what is going on. Once you have identified a problem explain it to the customer, yet do so in a solution orientated manner. Challenges arise every day in business, your customer will understand, as long as you are proactive and provide solutions. Never skip on your responsibilities, and if at fault offer a refund, then make things right.

If you’re really looking to boost your customer service, pay attention to their needs and put in the effort to deliver on your promises. Good customer service is the key to your success, so make sure and get it right. Be there for your customers and they will continue to do business with you.

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– Kale McClelland

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