Has MLM Let The Air Out Of Your Balloon?


There have been so many posts and articles about people who have solved the MLM code and how people fail and systems don’t.  You have probably tried many systems and find that at the end of the day, you have the same results. I really don’t have a get rich quick scheme or some secret plan that can eliminate your failures and struggles. What i can tell you is that don’t get caught up in the blame game. It’s not the MLM fault. MLM is just a matrix pay plan and most all of them are alike.

One of my team members is a real newbie …but no one will ever let the let the air out of his balloon. He is starting from ground zero, nada and i am real jealous of him because he got it right the first time. He will avoid the pain of discouragement, disappointment and depression because he is counting the cost and doing internet marketing the right way from the jump street.

So this is my advice. If you feel that MLM has let the air out of your balloon, i want you to stop thinking that way. You see the “buck” stops with you. You have to take charge of your balloon and keeping air in it. Yeh,,,you are responsible for you and yours. Not your upline, not some super marketing system thats going to do all the work. You take charge of what you are going to become. In other words, you take charge of your destiny! Only you can make you unstoppable! The battle begins in your mind.

Now you  may have lost a lot of money…maybe thousands of dollars. You may have lost you retirement money trying to get a quick financial fix. Well listen closely…it’s no sense of you worrying about your past or the lost years of frustration. You can only live in the present so forgive yourself about the mistakes you may have made. You only have the moment that you’re in. You may hate what MLM has done to your life but you got to press on. Don’t worry about tomorrow because you only have today.

You must find you a mentor who will tell you the truth about earning money online whether it be selling ebooks, climbing the ladder in your MLM company or selling your own products. You need to find a group of people who will support you doing the struggle of learning the skillset for internet marketing success and get busy doing business online the right way! Any other way is failure.


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