How The Power Of Attraction Marketing Can Work For Or Against You…

When i first heard about “attraction marketing”, i thought it was a joke but after being in network marketing a while and working with my team members i must retrace my steps and admit the fact that the power of attraction as it pertains to attraction marketing can work for you or against you. Our mindset and marketing tools work together.

Many people may doubt if the internet network marketing tools really work?? This limiting negative belief impacts the headlines of your emails, the content of emails and the energy to put into action the whole marketing plan.

I know this because it happen to me. I was really rolling with my marketing and i change some things as i started to be successful online. I had learned the internet marketing skill-set to be successful, i could build my own websites and capture pages,i could write followup messages for my autoresponder… the whole 9 yards! So i stopped guarding my mind by reading good personal development books daily.

The leads that i was generating started decreasing along with the quality of leads. I was now getting “tire kickers” and disgruntle prospects signing up. I believed it was because my mindset was being impacted and it could not defend itself against all the negativity that i was coming in contact.

I didn’t change a thing marketing wise but i just added in my “Think And Grow Rich” daily 10-15 minute reading… my energy came back,the quality of leads changed.. If you have the right mindset with a lot of heart…something magical can happen.


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