Internet Network Marketing Success Tip #5- Solving the MLM Retention Problem…

mlm downline and following directions Directions given to your MLM Downline should be followed exactly as you have given them. And if you are in a MLM Downline and new to this industry you should be listening to a successful upline for their directions.



If you have been joined an mlm online business and have made little or no money there is a reason for your failure and it may not be your fault. Retention or retaining business associates on your network marketing team is the major reason 98-99% of the people fail to make any money online. Now don’t get me wrong as i haven’t figured out how to avoid losing most all your signups but there is something that you must do if you ever want to stop losing your hard earn money  and maxing out your credit cards.

There must be duplication…

If you want to have great retention for you mlm business, there must be duplication of every aspect of your marketing efforts although some of your effort will be different, the same goal should be everyone’s focus. Some marketing systems that say they are dupicatable really leave loop holes for people to do it there way or game the system. Duplication must included everyone on your team, not just some. But even with duplication driven by the marketing system, you must build relationships.

Relationships must be made and maintained….

Everyone wants freedom to be independent but if you want retention in your downlines relationships must be made and maintained. If our team is interdependent in such away that we have meaningful relationships, then we can apply the concept of  “All for one and One for All. One of the problems with many of the team builds is that as the overall team grows, you loose the family concept and relationships that keeps your organization in tact.

Product Sales Must Be Profitable….

Product sales must over the IBO or independent business owner an opportunity to get into profit fast. Many mlm companies use the “fast start bonus” as an incentive’s to retain IBOs but this is more of direct sales because the there is no leverage of a downline because the downline doesn’t exist until  it is built. If my autoship is $150 per month and i make $3 on each” magic ” stuff i sale and i have no customers, then i am losing money. I need 50 customers to break even when i am lucky to get 8 to 10. If on the other hand my monthly auto shop is $10 and i earn a residual fast start bonus of $5 per customer, i break even with just 2 customers . Many people drop out because they have more cash going out then is coming in and they just can’t sponsor the hundreds of people needed to change their lives

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