Internet Network Marketing Success- How To Make Network Marketing Easy

< In order To help you understand what internet network marketing is, I must first explain what it isn’t.Network marketing isn’t about taking advantage of your friends and relatives. internet network marketing is not an isolationist type of occupation where you can have anonymity without relationships and make ton of money. Yes you may be independent, you may be your own boss, but the real key is that network marketing is all about leverage. Network marketing is a people-to-people business that can significantly expand your circle of friends.

When you expand your circle or build your network, you begin to obtain leverage. That is, if i have 8 people on my team working 2 hours a day, it gives me 16 hours as a team versus one person working 16 hours. That is leverage. Network marketing is all about people and not just numbers.

The reality is that internet network marketing is the only industry in which the guy on the bottom can make more than the guy on top if he works harder to do so. Zig Ziglar’s book,“Network Marketing For Dummies” reports that network marketing is a $100 billion dollar industry with over 35 million networkers worldwide. In spite of being a very lucrative industry, the failure rate of network marketing business owners still hovers at 97%.

Working harder is not the only talent one needs to be a successful networker. Every networker needs a mentor or mentors to be successful. That is a weakness for most newbies because they are use to being told what to do by some supervisor and see no need to have any other relationships outside family and friends. Internet network marketing requires a skill set that allows you to establish network business relationships in order to truly be successful.

Why even attempt network marketing? The advantage of network marketing is that there is personal help, a proven system already in place, and vast resources. Nevertheless is important to point out that getting rich shouldn’t be the gage by which network marketing is measured.Your personal growth as a giving, helping person will far exceed the monetary riches one can expect and will receive. Why?


When I help others get what they want, i get what i want. Someone asked a question about why the “Dead sea” was called by that name. The answer came back that the “Dead sea” only received water from other rivers but never discharge any of the water that flowed into it. The definition of “dead” is some that always receives and never gives. Maybe, just maybe that “dead downline” in many network marketing business is because it never gives, just receives?

James B Byrd

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