Should You Start A MLM Network Marketing Business?

It started out as a terrific idea, didn’t it? You certainly had pure intent. You just wanted to give your family everything they’d never had. You really wanted more time to spend with them. And you wanted to help others just like you to be more successful. How could such a good idea go so bad?

What happened next was ugly. Have you ever seen one of those “Discovery Channel” features where some animal crossing the Amazon River gets discovered by a school of piranhas? The sad truth is, most MLM “Big Dogs” make their money not by building people, but by stripping the flesh off the newcomers.

Losing the money was bad, no doubt. But worse, you lost your reputation. You did it to help friends & family … and you wound up with some of them actually laughing at you. Then you started saying some really awful things to yourself, about what a fool you were. Your self-confidence circled the drain.

So, after a pretty rotten start, where do you go from here? How do you get that elusive financial freedom? How do you really get rid of that job you hate? I have a plan for you. Come back soon and I’ll tell you more.

James B Byrd
Renegade University Pro
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