Network Marketing-Is Your Network Marketing Company A Scam Or The Real Deal?

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

A network marketing company can be a little like Enron. Enron was a publicly-traded company, subject to SEC rules and regulations … yet, they STILL cooked the books. Worldcom did the same. If you can’t really trust the information released in legal documents put out by publicly traded companies, how much stock can you put in the self-serving promotional statements put out by network marketing companies? MLM companies, for instance, give out totally incredulous numbers about sales and retention rates and the amounts of money being made by independent distributors. It’s a mistake to take any thing a network marketing company says at “face value”.

Now … I’m sure some of them are telling the truth. But many don’t. When a network marketing company quotes “retention rate,” there are a hundred different ways to figure retention rates. It stands to reason that a MLM company will figure it in a way that yields a favorable result. The only sane action for you is to choose a network marketing company based on results that YOU can see or that YOU can actually verify. When you dedicate your life to building your business with a company, you should actually interview a number of distributors with that company and ask about the work they do and the marketing system they use and their net earnings. You owe it to yourself to take any company-published promotion with a grain of salt.

No matter what you do, it’s always best to study a successful network marketing company model before you try to do it yourself. That is certainly true in network marketing. It’s a good idea to search out a mentor who recently built their own successful MLM business. You want to be sure you find someone who has done it recently, because the world of marketing has changed a ton, even in just the last few years. Your ideal target is someone with a proven system of recruiting new people. Plus, it’s important that the people that person has gotten started in the network marketing business have also been successful building, using the same system.

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James Byrd

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