Do Jesus Of Do Me For Network Marketing Success?

Twisted Crown

Do I Do Jesus Or Do Me In This Life?

When i joined 2AM Traffic as an affiliate, I was faced with the task of writing blog post every day. I would try to think about what could i write to encourage my fellow marketers and also be a resource to help them be successful in their business and also in their lives. I came across this picture and it just tore me up inside because as a born again Christian, if i had to renounce who i am to fit in the post modern turn or the present worlds view i would no doubt face criticism and hatred for what i believe. America would stop being America for me if i couldn’t express another view point about success from another world.

Had i allow a different view point allow be to twist my belief. Would i now settle for doing me inside of Jesus Christ? I must then in order to be authentic to others and my true self, not become something i am not for the sake of an “idol of this world”(money). I must not twist what i believe and life has prove to be true for any idol of this world.

There are Christians dying in the Middle East as i write for what they believe in the same as I because they have decided to Do Jesus. Shall we renounce who we are ? Shall we deny our view points and hid in caves of fear hoping the world will help us be successful in online marketing? No…Christians are more then conquerors in all things. We were created in Jesus Christ for “good works” in the kingdom and in this world. Don’t allow our feet to slip when we see the prosperity of the wicked.

That is what almost happen to me. I started getting it twisted. I was getting it twisted by not mentioning Him(Lord Jesus Christ) to those who read this blog. Humans cannot direct their own paths. We were need created to be God. Many will suffer mental anguish because they can’t make a few dollars more on a temporary journey. Resist the hype. Don’t get it twisted by pretending to be something you’re not. As for me, i will stand for the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ and not allow it to get twisted in my blog posts here at 2AM Traffic. By the way, Jesus already promised and abundant life on the spiritual side instead materialistic illusions.

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