List Building-The Money’s In The List

If you have been in network marketing for one day, someone may have told you to make a list of 100 people you know and contact them about your mlm opportunity. I wondered where could i find 10 people to put on a list that would be interested in buying an mlm business opportunity. My sponsor told me to go look in the phone book and start picking out all of the people you owe money or do business with and it should not be problem.

Well the fact of the matter is that most new network marketers don’t have any list building skills on a one on one level and no internet list building skills at all. Hey, most of us didn’t even have a marketing system. We ran around handing out flyers in parking lots, putting business cards on windshields, 3 footing everyone we can into contact with, yet we never had a list of people who knew us, liked us and trusted us.

When I went to convention, the million dollar players would be on stage telling how they got their start in network marketing but no one ever told the dirty little secret about the list they had when they came into the company. Yes you can be broke but if you have a list, that’s where the money is, the mony is in the list.

List building is a vital skill in network marketing because no matter what mlm you join, you need a list or network of people. In order to make money online. You need a list, a relationship with those people on the list and a product to market to those on the list. If you are spinning your wheels and buying tons of ebooks, reports, useless leads(people you don’t even know), i got bad news for you. You will never make a substantial income online or offline without a list. The best you can ever expect to be is an online consumer. Hey, get network marketing smart get FREE traffic to your website and build your own list by clicking here:

James B. Byrd

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