MLM Network Marketing- MLM Downline Retention Leads To Simple MLM Success


If you are building a  mlm business, there are some basic things you must understand before joining any business opportunity that uses a multi-level marketing pay plan and that is the pay plan is difficult not so much because of the company but the very nature of a matrix requires that you have like minded people working as a team in order to be successful in making money.

MLM downlines fall apart when the last person at the bottom of your matrix fail to make enough money to cover their expenses for doing business online. Once this “dwindling downline” disease starts, you can go from making money to being broke in a heartbeat.

You can address the retention problem by finding and establishing relationships with the right people and then coming together as a team and then join the  mlm business opportunity. This way you  become a “mlm family” versus being a group of “strangers who happen to be in business together.

Your mlm marketing system must be newbie friendly.  You have to be able to put money in people’s pocket quickly and give them the personal help they need while they learn to marketing online. The “newbie” must see that the marketing system will work and that they will get paid! When this happens, increased downline retention will lead to success. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
James B Byrd

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