MLM Autoship:Why Auto-Ship Can Be Auto Debt In Your MLM Network Marketing Opportunity

Hi and Happy New Year! Many people will be looking to join a mlm network marketing opportunity as an online business choice. Some will choose MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing to try and find some way to offset the terrible effects of the recession. MLMs will be multiplying like rabbits on the internet and the choices will be overwhelming .

When you join an mlm opportunity, most times there is a “start up cost” to become just a distributor. This out of pocket expense is a one time fee that gets you what is call a “start-up” kit that may contain sample CDs and other information about the mlm company.

But to qualify for a commission, you must purchase on a monthly basis a quantity of product that qualifies you for a commission on a certain amount of “sales volume”. Most mlm opportunities will provide means where you don’t have to manually order product but will automatically deduct it from your credit card or bank account. In other words the monthly auto-ship is creating debt for you and not creating wealth.

Until you develop network marketing smarts on how to make money in your mlm opportunity, you will be creating “auto debt” on a monthly basis. 97% of mlm network marketing business who start a online business fail because they lack the network marketing smarts to marketing online and the monthly debt will soon bury them.

One of the means you can use to overcome the problem of “creating debt” while you get the network marketing smarts is by employing a funded proposal marketing system that will generate immediate cash to cover your auto-ship expenses, generate leads for your primary business and provide free mlm training for you and your prospects.

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