MLM Success…Focusing On The Right Ones

MLM success requires that you focus on the right ones.However many network markers often go in with a wrong focus when they decide work a MLM business. I guess the one you hear most often is, “I can’t sell any product unless I love it!” Actually, the truth is, you can’t sell a product unless there is a market who want it. For anyone who understands marketing, that is always their number 1 consideration. To have a lifetime of success in MLM, you need to provide one or more products that people really want, and which are consumable, so they get ordered over and over and over. It’s surprising how many businesses which call themselves network marketing, actually sell products which offer no month after month after month recurring income. What they really have is a one-time sale. The biggest reason to go into network marketing is that as you build, your income is cumulative each month. That’s what they call residual income. Most people do not really understand the difference until they actually build residual income and then they take off for 2 months to go to the Galapagos Islands or something and when they come back, they have 2 checks waiting for them, and the 2nd check is bigger than the first. THEN they really get an idea of recurring income, and it’s pretty exciting and pretty life-changing.

Life is too short to have to work with people you do not want to work with. That’s one reason people choose to build an MLM business – they want to escape from a job working with people they just don’t respect or like. Unfortunately, some people get desperate when they’re building their network marketing group, and they sign up anybody they possibly can. Your best bet is to describe the people you really want at the start and stick to them. One good yardstick when you’re talking to somebody is to ask yourself, “Is this someone I’d want to go on a 30-day cruise with?” Part of the value of MLM is that you get to pick the people you will work closely with. Why on earth choose people you just don’t like?

Just focus on the ones who bring fun into your life, who share your dreams and goals. It’s exciting to make new friends you really like and then to be able to support them in achieving their lifetime goals. It’s a big chore to have to talk daily to someone who is unfocused and with whom you have nothing in common, and listen to them gripe about the network marketing business you love. You really need to have your standards set in your mind when you talk to people. Remember you are the one setting the bar.

A lot of people in MLM get blown away by the few who make the really big money. You’ll find a very few top dogs who get 6 figure or even 7 figure incomes a month. In the ebook “Success In 10 Steps,” Michael Dlouhy reveals how those guys really look at you! It’s pretty interesting. You’ll get crucial suggestions on how to find a sponsor & company that give you the best opportunity to build a stable business that will be profitable for a long time.Someone said ” You can’t start out wrong and end up right”. That’s also true in a MLM business. When you start from behind the 8-ball, you just don’t have a snowball’s chance in Florida for success.

james b byrd

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