MLM Success…The Truth About MLM Success

Hi, james again from Kzoo, Mi. The thing that everyone wants in the network marketing business is success. MLM success seems to allude 95% of the people who join them for quick riches and freedom. Why do we buy in to the hype of making $10,000 per week in just a month of effort is beyond me. Of course i have been guilty of doing the same them.

The truth about MLM success is the mindset that you approach the business from. What i mean by mindset is not only about a sincere desire or definite purpose about your network marketing business but are you coming from a direction of gratitude and generosity?

I had an email the other day in which a person just flat out asked me to help her out by giving her some “paid referrals” just because she needed them. Well dear friends everyone needs referrals. But here’s the deal. Her mindset was focused on taking and not giving. I had already given her a “free” tool that she could have given to some other folk to help them. You know what? She just took the offer of “free” traffic to her website and asked for some more “freebies”.

MLM success is not getting something for nothing but giving what you have of value to someone who is in need.  Someone is probably saying right now that I don’t have anything to give.  I believe everyone has something to give and that’s sincere thanks or gratitude. The truth about mlm success is that no man or woman is a isle unto themselves. An attitude of gratitude is one of the most important keys to success in the network marketing business.  If you want to the whole truth about network marketing visit this link:

james b byrd
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