MLM Truth…Michael Dlouhy’s Free Ebook-Success In 10 Steps

MLM truth is a subject the we all must investigate. The truth is elusive at times when it comes to finding a legitimate mlm business opportunity. There is always the cry of an mlm scam when a part time network marketer loses thousands of dollars. The sad fact is that most compensation plans are designed for the big dogs who have monster data bases of lists. Using hype and smoking mirrors, many mlms deceived the new network marketers and take them to the cleaners.

MLM truth is a necessity for a network marketer to be able just say no. The other day after i had just cancelled my membership in a 5×5 matrix compensation plan, my upline emailed and offered me a deal if i would get upgrade my membership for a measly $10.75 in a very degrading manner. As an enticement, he give me his affiliate link for a one time $40 purchase of 20,000 stale leads. He told me to pick up these leads and use the company’s email blaster(another joke) to blast these leads and in 5 days i would be into profit in his mlm. If i didn’t know the MLM truth i had read in Michael Dlouhy’s free ebook “Success In 10 Steps, i would have tried his MLM business opportunity again.

The MLM truth is that you must have the right numbers to have any chance of making money in your mlm business. Success begins with the right numbers. My upline wanted me to upgrade in a mlm that has a 5×5 matrix compensation plan, that means i would have to sponsor 5 active members of people who i don’t know and who never heard of me in my front line. What’s wrong with this picture? MLM truth tells me the numbers are wrong. You see it has been shown by numbers network marketing industry wide that the average network marketer sponsors 2.7 people which means in a 5×5 compensation plan, you are 2 people short. You are starting out in the hole 2 people short. You are starting behind the 8 ball. Plus, if one of the 2.7 random members you did fails to work, you have to build their downline. MLM truth tells me it’s a no win situation that is not your fault. No matter how hard you worked, you could never get into profit. I am thankful for the MLM truth that I found in Michael Dlouhy’s free ebook, “Success In 10 Steps.

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