Network Marketing Business-Is It Sales?

Hi, james again, just a quick post about the Network Marketing Business. Is network marketing sales or what. Well it seems sometimes that the better sales person you are, the more people you sponsor through persuasion. The problem that you face is that everyone on your team are not sales people. An estimate of about 5% of the people in your downline will have that skill set or even be able to be taught sales. If this is true, why do companies waste time and resources training people to sale?

A Research study of Network Marketing distributors revealed a significant discovery.Networkers were asked why they joined their company.The answer most people gave was surprising. It was not because of the company, or the pay plan.What was the reason they joined? It was because of the SPONSOR! They just trusted their sponsor, so they joined their sponsor.

The network marketing business is not a sales business but a relationship business. When you talk to someone about being your business partner, you don’t try to close them. Sales people are in the business “closing the deal”. People will become business partners with people they know, like and trust. The word trust is the key word when defining the network marketing business. It really is a relationship business that builds relationships based on trust.

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