Network Marketing Business Opportunity-Why “New” Is Not All What It’s Cracked Up To Be !


One word that really gets people’s juices flowing is the word “new”. In a network marketing,business opportunity that word seems to rivet people’s attention. Part of the attraction is the implied “fear of loss”, because what is “new” today will not be new next month. That puts the pressure on to make a move now, or you may well be too late to make your fortune. In MLM, another way of saying the same thing is “prelaunch”. Anybody who promotes usint these words with an idea that sounds at all plausible and which has some nice bells and whistles is likely to attract some great attention. Am i right about it? OK.

But here is the problem: most businesses fail. Especially when you have a new business, the chance of them surviving 2 years is certainly under 20%, and maybe much lower. And in any event, new businesses have problems. You could commit 100% to a new business, but others won’t. As soon as they get shipped a bottle with the label upside down, they’ll figure these guys don’t know what they’re doing, and they’ll quit. Any network marketing business opportunity needs some time to get the “bugs” out of the system. Nothing goes just like you planned it. If you join when they’re new, what can go wrong will go wrong, your people will get discouraged, and it will be hard to keep them.

What is the solution? Wait. If you’ve found a really good business opportunity, it will be an even better opportunity in 2 years, because it will have established more credibility and trust with stakeholders. Plus, the “bugs” will have been found and fixed. So it’s best to let the system get the kinks out, rather than jumping on that “new” bandwagon hype. The word “new” can emotionally hijack you into making an unwise business decision.

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james byrd
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