MLM Business…How To Stop Spinning Your Wheels In Your MLM Business

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

MLM success has been shown to be very elusive as demonstrated by the 95%-98% failure rate of MLM distributors Research shows that in 80%-90% of cases, success in the network marketing business comes as the result of talking with a friend or family member. That surprises me, but it doesn’t blow my mind. People will readily follow the suggestions of someone know and trust. If it’s not a person they trust, chances of them following their recommendation is nada.

In order to find success in your MLM business and stop spinning your wheels, you really need a network people you know to talk to. If you don’t have a network to start,you’ll have create your network in order to have any chance of success in the network marketing business.One of the ways to meet like minded people is by interaction with other network marketers in forums or other social media networking Web 2.0 websites to develop meaning relationships through the power of attraction marketing

It’s just like when the NBA(National Basketball Association) holds a draft for teams to draft players to fill a need on their basketball teams. Wella player thats in the draft is a basketball prospect because they are proficient a basketball. But, before they draft the player, the organization not only looks at the basketball skills but they develop a relationship to see if the prospect “fits” the system or the culture of the team.

A prospect for a MLM business in the same way must be proficient in business and you must develop a relationship with your prospect that cultivates trust. You cultivate trust by offering the prospect something that brings value into their life. You then are able build your network with MLM prospects who value your friendship and will follow your system. Without a network. Network marketing success is impossible without a network of like minded people working as a team.
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