Network Marketing Promotions- Ad Blasters Do They Work?

james again, i was just looking over my email and saw an ad blaster that blasts to 20,000,000 people for a one time cost of $20! Is that hype or what? The problem with the ad blaster is that it is not specific and targeted.

What if you had 20,000,000 junk email addresses and sent your marketing promotion out every day? How many of you ads would get a response? Zero, Nada! How gullible can we be. I was on the phone with a person the other day who had a “junk” email and a real email address. Beware of email ad blasters! Spend you advertising dollars wisely.

Another point is that the emails would not be targeted. In other words if the email addresses were valid, how would you know they are the type of people that you are looking to advertise ? The idea in marketing is to expose your ad to as many people who are in your niche. With that being said, i would suggest that you save your money and use it wisely by finding a like minded group of people who know what they are doing so you can learn the ropes about network marketing promotions.  Visit the link below if you desire help:

james b byrd
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