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This picture of a discourage man. That was me before i found out my personallity type. I come from an engineering backgound so i had a tendency to analyze things to death. Some of them were relevant facts and some ot them were just interesting stuff to know. Green personalities love to be in the know about everything but are just never able to commit to anything. I develop a bad habit of jumping from one business to another because the ┬áthe “facts” seem better. What i didn’t know is that it’s not just facts you must have but you must also have facts that lead to success in network marketing.






Another problem i had was severe discouragement. Yep, just like the guy in the picture, after i had figured it all out. Set everthing i learn i failed miserably. I didn’t make any money in network marketing but i had all the facts. When i came joined in Mentoring For Free the 2nd time(lol), i know what i should have know from the begining. “A man that trust in his own heart is a fool”. I know now that doing too much fact finding was really a “trust issue for me”. I just could’t push the button to get started because i didn’t really trust others to know more then what i needed to know. After all i am the master of the fact finders.

To find relief from discouragement in networking mlm business and get on the road to success, Mentoring For Free had a Mental Cleanse class that lasted 30 days. To my surprise, the ┬ápositive “self talk” session solved the problem of being discourage accumulating all the facts with no network marketing success. If yor’re a green personallity and you want to be successful in network marketing before you die trying. Click on this link below and save time, money and frustration. By the way this Ebook is FREE CLICK HERE

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