MLM Network Marketing-Tired Of Stale Old School Network Marketing Techniques?

Are you tired of the old school network marketing techniques? You know the 3 foot rule, hanging flyers, bugging your family and friends,chasing people down with magazines in
super market parking lots?

I know that when I first joined my first network marketing company, I was told to use these same methods. I was told to make a list of 100 people that I knew and if i didn’t know 100 start at the beginning of yellow pages in the phone book and basically call every one of the businesses that i did any business.

I was only faced with questions I wasn’t able to answer, getting hung up on, and faced with nothing but rejection and discouragement. Many leads told me to call them back later but they never picked up the phone. Have you been there?

When I was officially put on the “do not touch” list by everyone that I knew, all my upline told me to do was to go out and buy some opportunity leads.Being a team player, i did. All those leads was stale, tired or dead.

This only led me to some more rejection and i started chasing the “big dogs” from one “prelaunch to another. Spending “fast start” money that i didn’t have for all those “instant cash”, can’t lose network marketing opportunities.

Now I was out of money, out of time and had nothing to show for all my effors.

Then just as I was going to give up, I found what I consider to be the “life saver” for my for making money online.It was something called a funded proposal. This was a marketing funnel that generated endless leads, was viral (spread accross the Internet on it’s own) and you could generate unlimited income.

Now when i market a Network Marketing Smarts marketing System along with my team we are all doing the same thing leveraging our marketing efforts as well as our income potential in our primary business. Click Here For Your FREE ebook “The Perfect Funded Proposal” and get network marketing smart.

James B Byrd
“The Network Marketing Smarts Guy”
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