NEW: Christian Home Business Association Brings Honesty To Online Marketing

The Christian Home Business Association (CHBA), dedicated to providing spiritual and practical guidance to home business owners, is a safe haven for Christian entrepreneurs in the sometimes shady world of the home business industry.

This nonprofit organization was founded in 2008 by Cynthia Lee, who wanted to bring together ethical Christian entrepreneurs to become more effective business owners, as well as spread God’s word. The reputation of the home business industry, thanks to scams and schemes promoted by dishonest people, has suffered. However, members of the CHBA are working together to change the “Wild West”character of the home business industry by helping honest, God-loving people to create successful home businesses.

The Christian Home Business Association is a strong advocate of Christian entrepreneurs who are committed to excellence in business and who hold strong spiritual values. The organization is not associated with any church or religious organization. While the CHBA is an inclusive organization, it does not allow members to join who are involved in adult industry sites, or those that promote violence, hatred, or unethical activities.

“Guidance from the Holy Spirit has led me to believe that the time has now come for the whole home business opportunity industry, online and offline, to become a safer and more civilized place for honest, God-loving people,” states Cynthia Lee.

The Christian Home Business Association’s member benefits include an in-depth monthly businessnreport, a monthly spiritual publication, quarterly advertising opportunity for those who want to promote their home business, a free customized CHBA website, hosting, weekly e-newsletter, and assistance creating effective written business materials. Memberships are available to those who don’t have or don’t wish to use a computer, and to those who do have Internet access.

Membership costs $10 per month. Perhaps the best benefit is that members receive a $5 new member referral bonus for each new member they personally sign up. Just two referrals pays for the membership. This referral bonus system promotes membership growth, helps members to more easily afford quality home business information and services and helps Christian entrepreneurs earn a supplementary income as they learn how to build a successful home business. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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