Online Business- How To Make Money Online Using A $5 Dollar Bail Out

Hello again from Kalamazoo, Michigan and Happy Thanksgiving to all! Detroit Michigan has been a evening news highlight because of the hundreds of billion dollars bail out the big 3 automakers are requesting from the US tax payers. It seems as though Wall street is getting all the money but main street is being overlooked. Many people are bum rushing the internet looking for an online business opportunity to help bail them out of the financial difficulties caused by massive layoffs and job losses.

Starting an online business is easy to do but without any marketing experience, the new comers to Internet commerce will be in for a rude awaking. The failure rate for people starting an online business or any business is estimated to be at 97%. But the hype of making $1,000,000 dollars in 6 months have bamboozle many into running up their credit card debt as they end up spending thousands to make a few dollars more.

What new networkers fail to do is to take into account of the start-up costs and the cost to sustain marketing and purchase of products to have an online business. Many people fine that the online business that was to be the answer to their dreams really ends up being a continuing nightmare of losing hard earn cash and valuable time which cannot be replaced.

Well how can you make money in an online business? You should find an online business that has a low start-up cost, no product costs, marketing is no hassle and is 99% automatic such that it will create wealth for you even while you are sleeping.

The most important concept above is that you need a online business that creates wealth so that you will only have to purchase and set-up the online business one time and it creates wealth for you for 10-20 years. You can do this with an initial investment of just $5 which is less then the cost of a Big Mac, Supersize Fries and Drink. With this low start-up and operating cost, those of us who live on main street only need a $5 bailout. Just think how many folk on main street our government could bailout of debt and misery with the $700 billion dollars? Well enough said. If you want to bail yourself out of debt and into profit, click on this link and get into instant cash today!

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