Small Business Customer Service Etiquette

Whether you are just getting ready to start a small business or you find that you are picking up steam and the orders are coming in, you’ll find that with a little bit effort, you can easily top bigger businesses in the realm of customer service.

When you think about it, it becomes obvious that bigger businesses can simply not match the personal service that you can offer. It can be easy, however, to fall into the patterns that they have set; after all, the reason those patterns exist is because they are easy! If you are interested in providing customer service that is out of this world, you can see your goals accomplished and more just by remembering a few basic rules.

1. Never duck your customer.

There is nothing more annoying to deal with than someone who does not want to talk with you and will do anything to avoid it. If your customer starts thinking that he or she is getting this kind of treatment from you, you can bet that they won’t be your customer for very long! If you find yourself playing phone tag with a customer, sit down and make it a point to catch their call, even if it requires some creative scheduling on your part. This is essential if you want to stay in business!

2. Be honest about your mistakes.

When a small business makes mistakes, the mistakes are often at a small enough level that the customer knows exactly why they happen and can understand it. Unlike bigger companies, where if you want to explain mistakes you have to track it through several different departments, a smaller business can simply say something like ‘We didn’t get the shipment when we thought we did,’ or ‘I ordered the wrong thing.’ Don’t prevaricate, tell them what you did wrong and how you are going to fix it.

3. Care about feedback

No matter what experience you had with a customer, offer them a chance to say what they think about your business and about the product or service that you provide. Even if they are angry, this can result in good feedback that will tell you about how to improve in the future. You may even find that with a little bit of work, you’ll be able to talk an angry customer into a better frame of mind.

4. Know that your customers are more than just the money they pay you.

As a small business, you have the luxury of treating your customer as a human being, not just as a number. This is something that is all but impossible for large companies, so make sure you capitalize on it. Whether it means that you send them e-holiday cards or you simply remember their name and ask them how it’s going when you contact them on the phone, you’ll find that by treating them as other humans rather than as numbers, you’ll get a lot of repeat business.

A small business cannot afford to lose customers. By putting a little work into customer service, you’ll find yourself quickly building a growing and loyal base of customers.

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– Kale McClelland

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