The 3 Secret Ps For Network Marketing Success Online Or Offline



Network marketing success online or offline still seem to carry a great amount of failures. The failure rate has remained consistant over a 20 year or more period. Today, many leading network marketers say that 99% of the people who start an online business never make a profit. Many of those who continue without success in network marketing are addicted to feeling of  “almost making it big”. Well all most is good enough! Many have lost $100o’s of dollars and valuable time trying to make money online.

Now, i don’t claim to be a super expert about the network marketing business but my mentor, Micheal Dlouhy has taught me many truths about this business and he is the top person in his company and founder of Mentoring For Free, a network marketing mentoring group that has been around over 10 years.


I have called these 3 P’s a secret because so many innocent people try be successful in the network marketing business using the emotional hype without substance or evidence. The have faith in the hype but hype is hype and not the reality that believing the hype will fill up your bank account…usually it’s just the opposite.

1) The first Secret P is passion from a pure mind. Your zeal or passion must have a pure motive to serve others and not yourself. It is a passion that makes those you come in contact better off then before they even met you. This passion is a servant passion. It is a selfless care for some you don’t really know but you empathize with there need and try and help them without any strings attached. Network marketing is a relationship business period.

Your mind must be pure from negativity. Your mind and our mind must be cleanse of  any negative thoughts and feels to ever have a chance at network marketing success. In fact negative energy will sabotize your very own asparation for online success.

2) The product of the network marketing company that you pick must meet your need and match your personality type. The idea is that if the product price point is such that you make a $1 off the standard autoship and you need residual monthly  income of $1000, then you would need 1000 people in your downline. In order to get 1000 people, you will have to be a excellent sales person. Only 5% of the overall population can sell or even like to sale.

3) The process of methods that you need to get 1000 people must then be able to duplicate for all those you bring in to your business. Notice that the process you used must work most of the time all the time for anyone even if they aren’t the sales type of individual. Using the process correctley must bring your team member network marketing success.

Not only must the process bring network marketing success when used, new team members must be able to train on the new process while you’re sleep. Why? You may have people all over the world signup and want to get started training. In other words, the trainable and the coachable must be able to be trained and coached by the process that you are going to use.

Remember, it takes team work to make the dream work.  To get more information to help make your network marketing dream work. CLICK HERE

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