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Hello Kids, welcome to Network Marketing School. You all probably remember going to school for the very first time. For some it was a fun day for the first day and others just miserable. Thousands of people come into the network marketing industry without going to even the first day of school. The failure rate for network marketing business owners is still around 97%.

The old “adage of you get 3 and they get 3 will not work because the 3 that you sponsored are looking to you to get them 3. With little or no social skills to make a network work. Many continue to spend precious time, money and energy chasing rabbits all over the internet going from one business opportunity to another. When we are told to go the family and friends to find people to sponsor, it is the exact place we should not look. People outside of the network marketing community are “dream killers”. No matter how much we “love them”, they are not good for our business nor our attitudes.

In my opinion and experience, there is not any NO that hurts and discourages a family or friends. OJN or “Open Jacket network seeks to solve this huge issue by teaching the basic and advance skills of Network Marketing to teach a marketer how to become a person of value instead of a sales person which is the key to network marketing success.

What i am going to aim for on this blog is to go to a network marketing smarts school that will make you a better online marketer using Face Book as your marketing platform. Most of the training is FREE and will never exceed 10 dollars. If your click on the bus image above or this link below, you will be able to set in on the 5th grader’s class. Here is the link: http://networkmarketingsmarts.com

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