Leadership Wins Super Bowl Championships

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Leadership Wins Super Bowl Champion Ships

Everyone was trying to figure out who and what would prevail. Would it be Tom Brady, Russel Wilson Pete Carrol or Mr. Blichick. I should have known that when you have to please all the players like the Seattle Sea hawks coach had done that it would come back and bite you. Yup, Rough and Ready can get the best of you as a leader if you have to please everyone and honor dysfunction.

I believe the Sea Hawks lost the game when dysfunction became so entrenched in the coach’s subconscious mind that  running the ball in for a touch down (the normal thing to do) was replace with a pass on the one yard line. Dysfunction will sink your boat every time. No matter how could it looks, it will destroy the out come of what should be winning results.

Leadership does not compromise to keep the piece by provides ideas and solutions to make the peace. Where are you going with this idea. Dysfunctional thinking had already prevaded the mind of the Sea hawks quarterback, offensive co-ordinator and head coach so much so that all was in aggreement with the bone head illogical play. Coach Belichick knew that they would resort that way of doing things at a critical moment that he called time out and baited the Sea hawks to run that dysfunctional call on the one yard line.

There are tons of dysfunction on the internet. Tons of dysfunctional programs that will bait you into spending your hard earn money for smoke.Listen, if it don’t give you a plane that can led you to your promise land, you can’t get to where you don’t know where to go.If you want a leader who is not dysfunctional and will provide a plan and assistance to get where you are looking to go financially. Click on the link below.






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