Revolutionary Streamline Magic System Makes Internet Marketing So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It!

The failure rate of new MLM business owners has not changed over the years and still looms near 98%. That leaves only 2% of the people that actually make any money.The main reasons that so many people can’t make any head way is unusually the expensive startup costs and the maintaining a level of automatic orders that may start at $175 per month plus.Add to that burden advertising ad creation and the lack of marketing (skill sets that the new network marketer does not have) you have a failure just waiting to happen. Many mlm businesses over the past decade or so decided to live with the high attrition rate among network marketers. It was into this vortex of failure that born a new revolutionary marketing system named Streamline Magic Sponsoring.

Paul Birdsall’s new Streamline Magic System addresses the negative cash flow that causes so many network marketers to fail. Paul has even invested up to $20,000 of his own money to help stabilize the new network marketer by absorbing some of the advertising costs. When the ad creation and then marketing “skill-set” is handle by the Streamline Magic Sponsoring System, to insure success in 3 easy steps, you have to agree this sponsoring system is magic! New streamline members get placed under those in the existing streamline and you start earning from the very first one. Dynamic compression of the streamline prevents gaps from forming in the streamline that would isolated you from the rest of the streamline that would not allow you to get paid every time and on time.

Streamline Magic Sponsoring has taken all of the cold calling, telling and selling out of marketing with it’s golden ticket funded proposal marketing system to insure that even the most inexperienced person can use the rejection free Streamline Sponsoring System free from any rejection. All you have to do is invite people to your website to sign up for the golden ticket movie.When your prospect signs up, the golden ticket movie is sent out to the prospect. Your prospect views the golden ticket movie in the privacy of their home under no pressure and you receive no rejection, The golden ticket movie converts your prospect for you. How easy is that. When you use Streamline Sponsoring off-line, you order the golden ticket movies and give them out to your family and friends. The golden ticket movie does all the work for you and you receive no rejection and you still are part of your family and you keep your friends! Thats so easy anyone can do it! Even a cave man. Their is live support and training on the use of this revolutionary sponsoring system. Why not take charge of your financial future today.

Breaking news! Stream Line Magic sponsoring system has been revised and now is a generic sponsoring system called Funded Streamline Sponsoring where you can get FREE Leads 4 Life and get paid. When you just thought Streamline Magic couldn’t better it did. Check it out here: www. Funded Streamline Sponsoring

James B Byrd
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