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Hats are in style today and almost everyone can look good in a stylish lid but there are some lids you must remove to be successful in your online business. In Dr John C Maxwell book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership”,There is a Law that is called, the Law of the Lid. This law is in play with every person and serves as a “lid” that prevents you from reaching your potential as a leader which is related to you reaching your online business goal.

Copy and Paste Your Way To Online Success Is A Lid.

I know many times when you join a business, you upline may give you some ad copy to send out to get you some prospects.Your upline may promise spillover or free traffic. These are really lids in diguise that will prevent you from reaching your potential as a leader. Well, you might be asking yourself. Why is being a leader so important? The Law of the lid illustrates a couple of methods to reach your potential in building a successful business.

Increase Your Expertise of Increase Your Leadership Abilities?

The road i was on for a long time before a light came on was to be an expert in the online business area. Learn how to build my own blog and my own capture pages. I learned all i could about the technical side of the network marketing business but i found myself working harder but i wasn’t getting any returns for my effort.

In Dr Maxwell’s book, i learned that i had come to the point of diminishing returns. Getting smarter and working harder didn’t build my team any faster or larger. It pointed up that developing leadership qualities would no only help me build my business faster but i would never get tired of or burned out from developing me.I learned that being a leader shared more of me than being an expert. People are looking to follow leaders to reach their goals and dreams.

What i like about Elite Marketing Pro is that the system helps make you a leader. It challenges you on a daily basis to get better. That’s what i am going to covenant myself to do is get better everyday in the leadership arena. If you take care of your personal development first on a daily basis and not worry about the results. The pressure is lifted and your destiny will be assured. CLICK HERE for success.


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