The Sour Taste Of Mlm Scams…

 Nobody appreciates being swindled but scams certainly do exist.
Most scams will usually hit you where it hurts, right in the hip pocket.

By the industries nature, an MLM scam will also drain you of time, energy and your overall opinions of the industry.

The sour taste lingers on and can ultimately deflate any further aspirations within the industry.

The term scam iswidely used and often abused so whatactually is a scam??

My first definition reference is the trusty scrabble dictionary which defines it as ” to be cheated or swindled”

Personally I describe a scam as a methodical deception where people have been lied too and lead tward a lose/win situation.

It may sound harsh but failing to not get the results you hoped for does not make it a scam. There are many reasons why something doesnt produce what you thought it would and its not always because its a scam.

I despise scams but at what point should we take responsibility for the result?.
With that said, the reality is that people are being “swindled” far to often.

Personally it is an absolute travesty that so many people with nothing but good intentions can be stolen from this industry through no fault of their own.

There is no better tip to avoid MLM scams than to do your research.

You will be swamped with emotional sales scripts so remove the rose colored glasses and think logically during the process.

Analyze the product. Is it real? Would you use it without the business? What sort of market research has been invested in the product? Does the product hold long term or short term potential?

Read up on the management team and the companies founders, it could be revealing?

Use search engines to find complaints that may have been listed. Look for scam warnings from people who may have dealt with the company or its leaders before.

Does the company appear to be transparent? Ask what the retention rates are like? Has the company been brave enough to tell you about the challenges that lay ahead?

Whilst building an MLM remains a positive option for people willing to invest their time and energy it must be said that it is not for everybody and getting rich quick should not be thought of.

Lets face it. If it was that easy, everone would be doing it.

Leave nothing to chance in your research, dont let emotions rule your decisions and the scams will find you a far less attractive target.

By: Peter Bennett

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It is very possible that whilst online you will be confronted by some of mlm scams. Keep the emotional hype out of the equation and follow the logical research tips that will assist avoiding a swindle. For more tips, visit my website to take your business to brand new levels.

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